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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Solutions for Dry Winter Skin


Eesshh. So it's that time of year again - cold, dry air outside combined with dry central heating inside. Which results in it wreaking absolute havoc on your skin.

I already suffer from mild eczema on my arms and shoulders, so I'm aware of dry skin and how to handle it - particularly when it reaches Winter, as it always makes it that little bit worse. A couple of weeks ago when the temperature suddenly dropped to -2 in the UK the skin on my face completely lost it. I had red, dry (almost scale-like) patches on my face. They felt dry and sore, and make-up made them even worse - so I had to go make-up free for a few days.

Photographic evidence of horrible scaley face (my boyfriend nicknamed me "crusty", he's a charmer)

During this I discovered how frequent it is for people to suffer from this during Winter, and as someone who is prone to dry skin in the colder months, I figured I should impart my wisdom and let you know which creams and lotions are my lifesavers.

Weleda Calendula Face Cream

Is it too much to say this stuff is magical? Seriously, magical. A friend of mine recommended I buy some Calendula cream, as it's specially formulated for dry skin. I couldn't find any in my local Boots so I went for this, not only because it contains Calendula but also because it's actually designed for babies. This means it is extra sensitive, perfect for when your skin is feeling a little tender. 
But seriously this stuff is incredible, and won't break the bank when it's priced at £7.95, especially as a little bit really goes a long way. Within 24 hours my skin was already so much better and starting to return to normal. It smells lovely, which is a bonus! They also do a Weather Protector Cream, ideal to use during Winter to get a bit of moisture in your skin and prevent this from all happening in the first place. 

You can get it here from Boots or Feel UniqueSuperdrug don't stock this specific face cream, but they stock a range of their other products. 


I know this is already quite popular, but I have to confess that I hadn't really come across it before until recently. As my regular Eczema cream wasn't helping out my face, I decided to branch out. And this stuff really is brilliant, it's made from oats so it's super natural, soothing and won't aggravate your skin at all. When I was trying to sort out the problem skin on my face, I was using this twice a day in place of my moisturiser. The only downside is that because it's made from oats and is completely natural, it does smell a little bit like porridge. But it isn't so overwhelming that it's off-putting, and personally I found that it actually reassured me I was putting something natural on my skin. 

Boots stock the entire Aveeno range, as well as Superdrug stocking some of their products. Amazon also stock a wide range of Aveeno products. 


This is my go-to reliable cream, I've used this for years on the Eczema on my arms and shoulders and it really keeps it at bay - as long as I'm using it after every time I shower. It's useful to have around due to the fact that it has minimal chemicals so is perfect for using on tender skin - this does mean that it doesn't smell great, but personally that doesn't matter to me. When fixing dry skin, scent isn't personally a priority. Especially as it can flare it up even more!

You can E45 to your hearts content at Boots or Superdrug


Now I will say that personally this didn't help my face, but I do know people that love it and it really works for them. And regardless, it is just a really useful thing to have around the house. It can be used on spots amongst other things.

You can grab this from Boots, Superdrug or most good pharmacies 

But what about chapped lips?


The holy grail, old school and reliable is personally what I find the most effective when it comes to this - fancy lip creams aren't needed. A couple of winters ago I had really awful chapped lips, the corners of my mouth also got sore and dry, and as a result I had a big dry red patch at the corner of my mouth. I've never felt prettier... 
I tried all sorts of cold sore and chapped lip creams, but the only one that got rid of it was Carmex. They do it with both a pot with a harder cream in, and a tube with a softer cream. Personally I prefer the tube - partly because getting balm out of a pot when you have long nails can be a bit of a nightmare.

This is easy to get hold of - Boots, Superdrug and good pharmacies all stock it. Carmex is available on Feel Unique - but the range is a little limited

And there you have it, may your lips and skin be soft and lucious! Obviously these treatments aren't always going to cut it - sometimes you do need to visit your GP and have something stronger prescribed. But for quick solutions that are easily accessible, these are my recommendations. What do you use to save your skin during Winter? I'd love to know, tell me in the comments below!

Emma x

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