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Sunday, 20 March 2016

An Afternoon at The Lush Spa, Oxford Street

I have never even been to a Spa before, let alone the Lush Spa. So this was all a brand new experience to me that I was really looking forward to. Particularly as I love Lush; their products are brilliant and I think it's great they've managed to build a large, international brand that is so ethical and eco-friendly. Plus everything in there smells amazing. 

My brother and sister-in-law were kind enough to give me a voucher for the Spa (such a generous gift!), and the voucher was for a treatment called 'The Spell'. 

Description of The Spell from the Lush Website

"Immerse yourself in 60 minutes of reflexology-inspired massage, as your worry melts in a plume of smoke, stationary but stepping, with each sensation rooted in your toes, in the arc of your foot, but travelling over your body in waves. Ahhh to walk with bare cool feet on the water, before dipping your toes beneath the surface like kingfishers! Feet like the bases of trees going down to deep roots, see how every stride gains traction from the earth, how working together, two feet can take a person onward in a straight line forever, walking off what holds you back. Move forwards with a renewed sense of wellbeing and focus. A gentle pressure on your shoulders, hot stones warming the temples, moving and loosening your thoughts from where they’ve lodged like letters in a postbox. The unravelling of forgotten tension with deeply cleansing and restorative massage. You’re aligned and perfectly in time with your own rhythm, ready to move forward with joy, understanding and courage."

As I had never been to a spa before I text my sister-in-law in a panic as had no idea what to wear - let's be honest, no one wants to end up like Chandler Bing in the steam room. I also remembered last minute to shave my legs, just as well considering a bit of them was massaged along with my feet!

I had already called up to book my appointment, so I headed downstairs to the Spa and spoke to a lovely woman at the till - as the Spa has fob access so she had to let them know I was there. She introduced herself by name, and once I handed over my gift card she explained the price for that treatment had actually recently gone up, and asked if anyone had explained that to me when I booked on the phone. They hadn't, so she said don't worry about it and gave me the treatment at the older price that the gift card was valid for. Already receiving brilliant customer service! At a lot of places you would have to kick up a fuss to receive that, but she offered it to me before I'd even had the chance to utter a response. 

She then sat me down outside the Spa on some waiting chairs, and said they were just getting everything ready for me and it wouldn't be long. I did have to sit there for about 10-15 minutes, but that was totally fine. There were a load of testers of their massage bars next to me that I had a play with, and in the time I was there 2 girls who work there came up to me and asked what treatment I was getting before excitedly gushing about it and saying it was one of their favourites. One of them also offered me a free hand massage whilst I was waiting, but then the woman from the Spa came out and said it was all ready (bit gutted I missed out on that free massage to be honest!)

She introduced herself by name and sat me down with a fresh glass of mint and lemon water. She then explained a bit more about the treatment, asked me a few questions about myself, and talked me through the Lush products they were going to use on me whilst getting me to smell each of them. She then explained that this treatment was designed to get rid of any worries. In true Lush style the whole thing was quite bohemian and a little different - she asked me to write down a worry on a piece of paper with a quill, and put it in the pot in front of me. She then proceeded to set it alight and the paper evaporated into nothing (that bit was quite cool), she then told me my "worry was now gone". 

I didn't take any pictures whilst I was in there, just because I really wanted to enjoy the experience rather than be someone who was stuck living through it on my phone. I was then walked through to the treatment room, and she explained that I didn't have to get undressed - but there was a wrap provided if I wanted it. 

Now came the exciting bit, the actual treatment! The treatment was primarily a foot massage, along with a head/temple massage as well. The whole experience was incredibly cool - they have an in house band who provide all the music that's played, the lights were dimmed and it was all incredibly relaxing with a bohemian edge. I was also kind of wrapped up in a towel cocoon on the massage table with my feet out. I have to confess I was so relaxed at one point I proceeded to fall asleep and wake myself up with my own snore. Incredibly classy. In my defence my weekday alarm goes off at 5am, and I had told her this so I'm hoping she doesn't judge me...! There was relaxing music, dim lighting and I was laying down all warm and comfy, that is PRIME napping environment. Don't judge. 

The whole treatment must have taken up to an hour and a half, but when it finished I felt like I had been in there all afternoon! I was so zoned out and relaxed. She finished the treatment by giving me some lemon, mint and lemongrass tea and told me to drink it and come out in my own time so I could continue relaxing. She also handed me a note which had their mantra for the treatment written on it "With my feet I stand in truth. I move forward with joy, understanding and courage". She said whenever I am worried to refer to that saying. If I'm being totally honest that wouldn't be my first instinct when I'm worried and I doubt it'd do anything - but it was a nice touch. 

When I came back out into the waiting area she told me I was free to sit there for a bit longer, have some water and a piece of fruit if I wanted. I also had the perk of being in Lush, Oxford Street in London, if you have ever been to this store then you will know it's absolutely massive...so I couldn't leave without making one or two purchases! 

The whole experience was brilliant, Lush customer service has always been fantastic in my opinion anyway - but they really outdid themselves that day. They completely take care of you and make the whole thing so welcoming and easy. If you are wanting to do a Spa treatment I would definitely recommend one at Lush! It's so different to anything else you will experience. 

Something Lush could probably work on is the information about the Spa on their website, all the information is very scattered and it's actually quite hard to find everything you need in once place. But if you just type "Spa" into their search bar, that will get you going.

What a great afternoon! I look forward to getting the opportunity to go back again.

Emma x

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