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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Moral Dilemma, Animal Testing

For a long time, animal testing for cosmetic purposes  just wasn't really on my radar. I don't know why, maybe because it is banned in the UK so I just assumed it wasn't relevant to anything I was purchasing. Maybe because it seems unbelievable that it would still happen in 2016. But then again, so does racism and homophobia...so I'm probably expecting too much of modern society. 

Now let me just be clear on my stance on this. You may or may not already know that I am a vegetarian, and have been for going on 8 years. So I am obviously against animal testing for cosmetic purposes. It would be totally hypocritical to think it is not acceptable to kill animals for food, but that it's fine in the name of a new lipstick. In my opinion, that would be completely vapid and materialistic. 

I've never been one to shove vegetarianism down people's throats, as I just don't believe in that. And I have the same intention with this blog post, I don't want to shove anything down your throat or make you feel guilty. Just to educate you on something you may not know anything about. Because let's be honest, no one wants to spend their spare time researching all the horrible stuff going on in the world do they?

Recently I have been reading up on animal testing within cosmetics, and have actually mostly had it brought to my attention by commenters on Buzzfeed. You can't rely on random people commenting on the internet, so according to Peta "Although companies can't sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe, they can continue to test cosmetics on animals outside Europe and sell them in other markets. Therefore, companies can still profit from cruelty to animals - just not in Europe". Which is awful, isn't it? And it seems simple enough, just don't sell cosmetics in countries that require that. Unfortunately a lot of companies still do, China is a huge market that requires animal testing. So any company selling in China...yup, you guessed it. Is agreeing to test on animals for profit.  
And sadly, there is another snag.
Again, according to Peta "Ingredients used in cosmetics may still be tested on animals in the EU. This means animals will, in fact, continue to suffer and die in tests for cosmetics ingredients"
So is animal testing banned here? Sure. But that clearly isn't the whole story, and almost seems irrelevant when animals are still suffering for that product - even if it isn't directly. After finding this out, I just can't sit on it and pretend that I never knew. It just seems so wrong and unnecessary, especially when there are alternatives. Proven by all of the make-up brands who are cruelty free.

Now as I said before I'm not here to try and make you feel guilty. I won't name and shame with a list of the brands who are involved in animal testing, if you are curious then it's up to you whether you research it for yourself. If you want to do that, then it's easy enough over on the Peta website

I am however sad to say that some of the brands who do test on animals, I have already endorsed on this blog. I also visited Hong Kong last year, and bought make-up whilst I was there. So I have unknowingly been funding all of this. 

I'm not going to be as dramatic as to throw out all of my make-up from these brands. The way I see it, they already have my money so what is the point? Also, I do not have a money tree chilling in the back garden to help me replace them. A girl's gotta eat. 

But what I am going to do, is when those products run out. I am going to put in effort to find cruelty free alternatives from other companies. Which I don't think is a big challenge in my opinion, there are absolutely tons of make-up brands available. 

And as a result, I will now make every effort to make this blog cruelty free!

Thank you for reading this, it's my first serious opinion piece if you will. I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to join in on the debate down in the comments. 

Emma x

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  1. Nice piece Emsy. Sad this is still going on in the world, eh? I agree no point throwing out products now-otherwise animals have been killed in vain! As you know I'm a useless make up buyer but ill also have a think about this aspect on next purchase and. Indeed, all other cosmetics & products!