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Monday, 23 May 2016

Holiday Shopping!

In June my boyfriend and I are off to Kotor, Montenegro. I'm aware quite a few people don't know where, or what this is - and I don't judge you, it is a fairly niche holiday destination. Montenegro is just South-West of Croatia, and next to the Adriatic sea (If you still don't know where I'm talking about, then it's time to head over to Google Maps). 

Kotor looks absolutely stunning and I can't wait. It's a beautiful bay surrounded by mountains, and also has an old town, so it's incredibly scenic. I haven't been on a hot, summer, beach based holiday for 2 years now...so it feels long overdue! I have been away, but to places like Canada, Vienna, Hong Kong and Japan. Beautiful places, but not somewhere you need to pack a bikini for. So as a result my wardrobe is pretty low on beach holiday supplies, and I've spent the last couple of months buying a few bits.

First on the list is this playsuit from ASOS. I tend to avoid white, as I'm so fair that it doesn't really suit me. But the pattern on this completely changes it's style and adds some colour. It's also perfect for holiday as it's lightweight to wear, comfy and great for throwing on over a bikini. 


Find it on ASOS for £20. 

I bought this maxi dress from River Island a while back. I never used to wear maxi dresses, being only 5"3 I was convinced they would swamp me and don't suit me. But actually, if I find ones with a bit of shape then I can actually pull them off. This one is definitely that, and I absolutely love the print. The bold, blue atzec style to it looks amazing. It does actually come with a sort of belt, I'm undecided as to whether I'm going to bother with that or not. I also need to take it to the dry cleaners to get the straps taken up, it's a bit more low cut than I'd like. But this is a great item to wear out to dinner, you get to look classy without having to squeeze into a fitted dress in the hot weather. 


Buy it from River Island for £38. They also do it in Yellow, which typically I really prefer!

Quite a simple purchase, but a worthwhile one. This cute little halter-neck top is perfect for matching up with patterned skirts or shorts. Also it's white, but not see through - hoorah! It's so hard to find a white top that you can't see your bra through, so this is a massive win. It's also a fairly thick fabric, which means it is quite flattering on. I've already worn it a few times (As you can see from my foundation marks around the neck...).


It's by Monki. But you can find it on ASOS for the bargain of £8

Shorts are a godsend for hot holidays. Personally I'm not a huge fan of wearing skirts or dresses if you are going to be walking around all day. Partly because sea equals wind, which equals a bum flash for the lovely holiday makers of Kotor. But also partly because I am not blessed with a thigh gap, after walking around in sweaty heat all day it just gets quite uncomfortable. So that's where the motivation for these 2 pairs of shorts come from, both bought in H&M. They are nice and loose and comfortable, and have wicked bright summer prints on them. 


Buy from H&M for £12.99, and also available in other prints/colours


I can't find this pair on the H&M website. However, I only bought them in store last week!

The last bikini I bought 2 years ago managed to snap, not great (thankfully I was wearing a t-shirt at the time). So I seriously needed an upgrade. I decided to buy two, as proved by my last purchase you never know what will happen to one of them! A back up is handy. I'm really picky with my bikinis so it took me a while to find these, I like to buy them in a bra size, and I'm also really picky about the style of the bottoms - gotta do what you can to control that muffin top. Because of all of this I am willing to spend a bit of money on them, you want them to fit well and you want them to last.  

The first bikini I found on ASOS, it's such a nice, bright summer print. And I love the red, as red has always suited me quite well. Also the straps are detachable so you can make it strapless if you want. I also like that the bottoms are adjustable so you can get them to fit comfortably. 


The bikini top is £28 from ASOS, and the bottoms are £16.

This one is from Debenhams, I really love the yellow and black print as it's so unusual. And I'm actually starting to love yellow more and more, so this is perfect. The bottoms aren't my preferred style, but I loved the print so much that I let that go. 


The bikini top is £25 from Debehams, and the bottoms are £14. Also have a dig around here, as this print is available in a few different styles. 

I'm really fair skinned, and burn incredibly easily. So I thought it would be time to invest in a Kaftan to save myself from constantly topping up my suncream. If I don't cover even a small patch it will 100% burn, so I really have to pay attention to my skin. I actually struggled to find one I liked, I thought a lot of them looked a bit mumsy. I loved this one but the price was a bit much for me. However I struggled to find anything I preferred, and I was feeling plush, so screw it. I bought it anyway! The fabric is really thin so you aren't likely to get too hot with an extra layer, and it's also a really flattering shape.


                                                                               Buy it from either River Island or ASOS for £35

Sandals are a must have for the hot weather, I can't stand feeling like I have sweaty feet. So I like to keep them nice and cool. I also tend to avoid sandals that fit between the toe, as they can become a lightning rod for nasty blisters. This is a cute, simple little pair that will go with most things. If we are blessed with a nice Summer (come on weather gods!) then they'll continue to go to good use. 

                                                                                Buy them from H&M for £12.99

Can't wait to actually wear all of this on holiday, and show you what it looks like on! Have you started your holiday shopping yet? 

Emma x

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