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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Favourite Veggie Restaurants in London

I'm a foodie. I just want food in my mouth, all of the time. Don't we all though?

And if you didn't already know, I'm a vegetarian and have been for nearly 8 years. I'm not one to shove it down your throat, being out to convert the world just isn't my style. However, when it comes to food I always think it's good to mix it up and try something new, and in this case appreciate that food doesn't need to contain meet or fish to be delicious. 

Quite a few of these restaurants were actually recommended to me by meat eaters, whether they took me there or if it was just by word of mouth. So if you are planning on eating out this week in London, here are some suggestions. 

Rasa - Stoke Newington

I don't even know where to start with this one, even thinking about their food makes me salivate. This place is totally out of the way for me, but I still make the effort to go there as the food is THAT good. For reference, it is Southern Indian cuisine which is traditionally vegetarian. I know what you are thinking, you probably already have a local favourite for Indian food. But I assure you that this food is nothing like what you'll have had before, the ingredients list is so different to the traditional curry you have in your mind.

Their curries of full of ingredients such as aubergines, mangos and bananas. Every single curry on that menu tastes totally different and is just so flavoursome. And that isn't excluding the starters and all of the other options you can order. Honestly such a delicious meal, and another perk? It won't break the bank, last time I was there we went all out and only paid £20 a head (without booze).

If you don't believe me, go and check out the place for yourself - the walls are covered in endless awards. You can have a read of the menu and tingle your tastebuds here

They also have a a couple of other branches: 
- One off Oxford Street, on Dering Street. Nearest tubes: Oxford Circus and Bond Street
- An express, takeaway branch on Euston Road. Nearest tubes: Warren Street and Euston Square
- In The Holiday Inn on Kings Cross Road. Nearest tubes: Kings Cross, Farringdon and Chancery Lane

But in my opinion, the original Stoke Newington branch is the best one. 
Also if you or someone you are with can't bare skipping out on meat, some of their other branches do have meat dishes on their menu (including one right next door in Stoke Newington). 

55 Stoke Newington Church Street. 
Closest station: Stoke Newington, or there are several bus routes. Including the 73 from Kings Cross. 

Mildreds - Soho, Camden & Kings Cross

I've been a fan of Mildreds for years! So I'm so pleased they have now started to branch out a bit, because they are honestly one of the best vegetarian restaurants in London. Think tasty, home comfort style food. There is no particular cuisine just a wide variety of options, along with their daily specials. Think burgers, risotto, curries, homemade dips and burritos. Don't have time to eat in? They have a takeaway bar available at lunchtime during the week, perfect if you work nearby. 

I haven't been to the newer Camden and Kings Cross branches, only the Soho one. The Soho branch is pretty small, so you can't book and do expect to have to wait for a table at busy times. Completely worth it though! I can't recommend this place enough. My boyfriend is an avid meat eater, and he loves the food here as well. Expect friendly, down to earth service and a satisfied stomach. 

Have a drool of their menu over on their website. And note the booking procedure is different for each branch, so double check whilst you are on there. 

Soho - 45 Lexington Street. Nearest tubes: Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus.
Camden - 9 Jamestown Road. Nearest tube: Camden Town.
Kings Cross - 200 Pentonville Road. Nearest tube: Kings Cross.

Ethos - Oxford Street

The way I can describe the food here, is that it is what I would eat every day if I could actually be bothered to make it. The system here is a little different, I like to think of it as a posh buffet. Except rather than all you can eat, you fill your plate and pay by weight. 

Now don't let the word "buffet" put you off! This place is super classy with a beautifully decorated interior (trees indoors, anyone?), and the food is creative, flavoursome and delicious. As well as really healthy. You can eat in or you can takeaway if you work nearby, and they serve food up for all 3 meals of the day. Think home-made baba ganoush, roasted cauliflower salad, and spinach and ricotta dumplings. 

There may be a bit of a wait for a table, but the food is ready and waiting so you can dive straight in once you are sat down! Everyone I have been here with has thought it was fantastic.

Drool over the menus for yourself on their website.

48 Eastcastle Street. 
Nearest tube: Oxford Circus. 

The Gate - Islington & Hammersmith

I have only been here the once, but I thought it was brilliant. It's a little bit less laid back and bohemian than the previous restaurants, and more of a fine dining experience. The food is creative with an abundance of flavours, there is likely to be something for everyone on that menu. Mains range from £13-£16, so it's not a cheap eat. But I think it's the perfect place if you want to head out for the evening and treat yourself at a nice, relaxing restaurant with quality food.

Glance at their menu here.

Islington - 370 John Street. Nearest tube: Angel.
Hammersmith - 51 Queen Caroline Street. Nearest tubes: Hammersmith and Barons Court

After writing all of that all I can think of is food, excuse me whilst I head down to one of these restaurants for dinner...! Have you eaten at any of these? I'd love to know what you thought of them, along with any restaurants you can recommend.

Emma x

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