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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Bootea Tetox...does it actually work?

I feel like I've been seeing this stuff everywhere, if it's not being advertised on my Facebook feed then celebrities are endorsing it, or friends are going on about it on my Instagram feed. If you aren't familiar with Bootea, then it is essentially a detox tea that you have over the course of 14 days or 28, and it is supposed to help you lose weight. It isn't as dodgy as it sounds though, according to their website it is all completely natural. I'm normally quite sceptical about stuff like this, but I saw a friend of mine banging on about how great it was on Instagram, and I was off on holiday in 2 weeks. So I thought, screw it, I'll buy the 14 day Teatox and see if it does anything.

A lot of reviews on the internet rave about this stuff, but I thought you'd appreciate an honest and detailed review from someone who doesn't spend their weekends doing yoga and eating kale. Obviously nothing wrong with that, but basically I'm unfit and I like pizza...so if you want to test this stuff on anyone, then you want to test it on me. 

Now this will set you back at bit of money, it costs £19.99 for a 14 day "teatox" or £37.99 for a 28 day "teatox" (give or take, depending on where you buy it from). It's easy enough to find, you can either buy it directly from their website, or places such as Boots, Amazon and Holland & Barrett all stock it. 

The way the tea works is you are given a "daytime tea" and a "nighttime tea", the daytime tea you drink every morning for the entire detox cycle, and the nighttime tea you drink every other night. Now I'm very British and bloomin' love a good cuppa tea, so the whole tea thing personally didn't phase me, and it surprisingly didn't taste as gross as I imagined it would - you get used to the taste fairly quickly. 

Now they do state on their website that this stuff isn't made of magic weight loss mushrooms, you do need to eat well and exercise and then it'll help you along. They even provide you with a handy little eating plan to help you along with it. Now, I am probably not the best example of this. The 2 weeks leading up to my holiday also happened to be the 2 weeks leading up to my birthday, which meant lots of occasions with family and friends involving food and booze. Opps. I cracked on with it anyway. 

Initially I had to properly plan to make sure that I was going to do all 14 days of my Teatox, I wake up at 5am for work so having a tea straight away wasn't really an option. So I had to count out my teabags and put them in my work locker for each morning, I also spent a weekend away with my boyfriend's family so I had to factor that in as well and remember to pack them. Luckily they come in pretty compact resealable packets, which made taking them away a lot easier. When I was drinking them I also had to reassure my boyfriend's parents that I wasn't on some kind of dodgy diet pill. That's the issue with this Teatox, I feel like it's almost easier to lie about what you are doing as your honest answer will provoke a bit of judgement and concern. As let's be honest, saying you are drinking a detox weight loss tea does make you sound a little bit strange. 

Now if you have read about Bootea before, then you may have heard about the effects the nighttime tea has on your *ahem* digestive stomach areas. 

Okay screw it I'll just be direct. 

I heard it gives you the shits. And nobody wants those. In my head it was legit going to be like that scene from Dumb and Dumber after he has laxatives, it quite obviously wasn't anything like that. In fact, I didn't really notice anything to be honest, so maybe it is just an individual thing. However if you are female then you may have come across some claims that it affects your contraceptive pill, on their website they state "our teas may affect the accuracy of your pill" and basically tell you to visit a GP. I read a few comments from people saying "well duh! If you get a bad stomach then OF COURSE it's going to affect your pill", at which point I felt like a total wally as that isn't something I'd even considered! Which is why I'm pointing it out to you, just bare it in mind and do some research if you are concerned. From what I have read it isn't a major issue, it just depends on the time it is taken.

So the big question, did it actually work? I have to confess that I actually did notice a difference. Not only did I feel a bit slimmer, but I noticed that my digestion was much more comfortable as well. You know after you have a big carb filled meal and you feel so bloated that you reckon you could pass for early pregnancy? Well I didn't suffer that at all, no horrible bloating or uncomfortable digestion. Additionally, I really did feel more awake! And in case you didn't properly digest what I said before, I wake up at 5am, 5AM PEOPLE. So I'm just bloomin' knackered all the time, and often end up falling asleep in the afternoon towards the end of the week. However I didn't suffer any of that, I felt a lot more energetic and far less worn out. 

Would I do it again? I won't completely write off that idea, however if I did it again I think I would properly commit and try and combine it with healthy eating and more exercise. It's probably better to give it a go at a time of year when you don't have a jam packed social calendar. It may just be me that feels this way, but I think it's a lot harder to be healthy when you are always eating out with friends or going to various social events. 

It is a bit of a pricey option, but I do think that it does make a difference. If you are planning on going on a health kick then it might be a good time to marry it up with this, just to give you that extra boost. 

Have you tried Bootea? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

Emma x

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  1. I've tried a different type of detox tea called Tiny Tea and it made me not crave sugar and have more energy than I knew what to do with! The taste wasn't too bad but you had to drink it within half an hour of a meal and I always seemed to forget...I would give it another go though!

    Like you say, I think these teas work best alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime, but it's good that you noticed a difference!

    Georgie xo